How to Submit a Postcard

Postcard Panorama wouldn’t be possible without your stories.  By grouping radio anecdotes by theme, we’re aiming to create a picture of how radio affects us by those themes.

For example, our first episode asks about radio beginnings and will weave together stories of how radio listeners got their start, got back into listening, or began a new sense of who they are through the radio community.  Rather than linking stories by time or program, we’re linking them by overarching experience.

Keep in mind, too, that themes can be interpreted fairly broadly.  Even if the connection is tangential to the month’s theme, send your story along.  We’re fans of shortwave radio here, but we’d love to hear your stories about DXing medium wave and FM, building radios and antennas, listening to local programming, and anything else radio-related.

Your stories can be from last week, last year, or last century.

And if you have a time-sensitive radio-related event or historical anniversary you’d like us to note, you can send those along too.

To send us a postcard-length submission, please use the form below or send an email to with the following:

  • the month’s theme in the subject line (note if this is an event-related submission),
  • your name and location (if you’d like either mentioned), and
  • your story (under 500 words, please) in the body of the email (no attachments, please).

All submissions will be considered for the on air program and/or publication on this website.  Receipt of your emails does not guarantee they will be read or posted.  This program is for a general audience over the radio, so please no objectionable material.